Vision, Mission & Goal


Our ideal is that young people will become well-informed about their rights, duties and responsibilities. This will enable them to become confident to make independent decisions and thereby consciously change their behavior, which in turn would allow them to deal with life challenges such as pressures and conflicts previously imposed on them by others. We also hope to teach them to have respect for others and be aware of the consequences of their actions.  



Our mission is to help young people to change from a position of powerlessness, whether it be sexual abuse, rape, incest or some other form of physical and/or emotional exploitation, into a positioning of controlling their own life in a positive manner. Forms of communication and lessons in life are very important in this. The challenge is to confront young people with their fears and with the consequences of their behavior and let them search for culturally responsible solutions. The stories that form the basis of the plays are recognizable for young people and are culturally relevant and responsible.



“To support and educate victims of serious sexual abuse, exploitation, rape, incest, child slavery and domestic violence. To transform the story of the powerless into the creative process of interactive educative theatre, so victimization tilts in mastery and let them play their story, the story of the unheard voices.”